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EP7: Lesson Learned By Being a A Trailblazer in Hip-Hop With Tandy Weems


Mick Hunt engages in a profound conversation with Tandy Weems, a pivotal figure in hip-hop. They delve into the roots and evolution of hip-hop, its cultural significance, and the importance of staying true to its essence. Tandy emphasizes the need for reeducation about the true nature of hip-hop beyond just music. She discusses her role in shaping the industry and her initiative to start the World Hip Hop Awards to honor authentic hip-hop talent globally.The episode is filled with insights on maintaining integrity and excellence in an ever-changing industry.

Tandy Weems' Background: Over 25 years in the industry, worked with icons like Notorious B.I.G., Wu-Tang, Mary J. Blige, Method Man, Redman, and Mike Tyson.

Defining Moments: Tandy Weems shares her journey in the hip-hop world and her experiences working with major artists.

Discussion Topics:
  • The essence and culture of hip hop.
  • Importance of authenticity and knowledge in hip hop.
  • The negative impact of commercialization on hip-hop culture.
  • Tandy Weems' vision for the World Hip Hop Awards.
  • Strategies for maintaining relevance and authenticity in the industry.
Key Quotes:
  • "Hip hop is not just a music genre. It's a culture."
  • "We created a worldwide billion-dollar industry without a dime."
  • "The most important element of hip hop is knowledge."
  • "If your music or your art doesn't possess knowledge, it's not hip hop."
Next Steps:
  • Visit: World Hip Hop Awards for more information.
  • Support: Help fund the World Hip Hop Awards and promote authentic hip hop culture.
  • Engage: Share and discuss the episode using #MickUnplugged and #AuthenticHipHop.

Episode Transcription

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