Meet Mick Hunt

From Promise to Purpose

The Story Begins

A Promise Made in the Shadows

On a cold December morning in 1988, a 10-year-old boy made a solemn vow amid the depths of despair. As young Mick watched his mother endure unimaginable hardships, he promised to change her life, to bring peace, and to forge a legacy his family could be proud of. This was no ordinary promise; it was the birth of a man from the ashes of a child's innocence. That morning, a 10-year-old boy took his last breath, and from the ashes rose a man, determined to alter his fate and that of his loved ones.

On that morning, Mick promised to transform the anguish he witnessed into a future of peace and pride. He committed to building a legacy—a shining example not only for his mother and siblings but for anyone who dared to dream beyond their circumstances. This was no mere child’s wish; it was a solemn pledge by a newfound man, awakened by necessity, to alter the destiny laid before him. This day marked the end of childhood and the beginning of a relentless journey toward fulfillment and change.


The Mick Factor: A Legacy Built on Four Pillars


Living The Mick Factor

Mick Hunt’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of Mastery, Imagination, Character, and the resilience to Keep Going—principles that Les Brown encapsulated as "The Mick Factor." This philosophy didn’t just shape Mick’s life; it became the bedrock upon which he built multiple businesses and transformed the lives of countless individuals.

The Power of 'Because'

For Mick, the driving force—the 'Because'—was always clear. His mother, sister, and brother were his initial beacons, guiding him through his darkest times. Today, this motivation extends to his wife and three children, alongside a close circle of friends and mentors. This unwavering commitment to his 'Because' continues to fuel his journey and serves as the cornerstone of his mission to inspire and empower others.

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Mick Hunt - Friends

A Life Transformed, A Community Inspired

Mick’s story is not just about personal triumph but about how he leverages his experiences to motivate and lead others. Every keynote speech, coaching session, and interaction is infused with the lessons learned from fulfilling that childhood promise. Mick doesn’t just speak about transformation; he embodies it.

Join the Movement of Mastery and Motivation

Mick Hunt invites you to engage with Mick Unplugged, a platform where each individual is encouraged to find their 'Because' and pursue it with passion. Here, Mick shares not only his journey but also the tools and insights necessary to help you craft your own path of purpose and success.

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