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About The Program

Welcome to The Lead With Impact- Executive Leadership Mastermind, kicking off on July 11th, 2024! This exclusive 10-week virtual journey, crafted by Mick Hunt with inspiration from Les Brown, is designed for executives and entrepreneurs who dare to transcend traditional leadership boundaries.

Through focusing on Mental Resiliency, Impact, Character, and the determination to Keep Going, this mastermind equips you with the insights and tools to redefine what leadership means in the modern world.

This Leadership Mastermind challenges participants to embrace their unique leadership style while fostering a community of like-minded professionals. By the end of the program, you'll have cultivated the mindset, skill set, and network to drive change in your organization and beyond. Prepare to lead with impact, make bold moves, and inspire others to follow.


Mick Hunt

Founder and visionary behind the MICK Factor, Mick brings a wealth of experience in transforming leadership landscapes.


Les Brown

A globally-renowned motivational speaker, Les infuses the mastermind with unparalleled personal and professional growth wisdom.


Plus, special guest speakers and seasoned coaches dedicated to your development.

Who Is the Mastermind For?

Feeling the Weight of Leadership
Feeling the Weight of Leadership? 

This mastermind is your call to connection and transformation in the solitude where decisions echo far beyond the boardroom.

Hit a Ceiling
Hit a Ceiling?

If the path forward blurs, join us to reignite your drive, push beyond boundaries, and rediscover your passion for leadership.

Navigating Change
Navigating Change?

For those steering through relentless waves of innovation, find resilience and adaptability here to lead with confidence.

Seeking a Lasting Legacy? 

Move beyond transient success. Craft a legacy that inspires, with impact that resonates through time and people.

Striving for Integrity
Striving for Integrity?

In a world where compromise tempts, reinforce your commitment to lead with unwavering authenticity and principles.

Enduring Through Challenges?

When the journey tests your resolve, this is your arena to strengthen perseverance and emerge with unwavering determination.

Join Us

If these challenges resonate, you're ready to meet them head-on. This mastermind is for leaders eager to evolve, connect, and redefine their impact. Together, let’s shape a future of leadership that’s not just endured but mastered.

Who Will Benefit?

Visionary Leaders
Visionary Leaders

People who seek to transform their leadership style and make a profound impact on their organization and community.


Leaders who have reached a plateau and are looking for the next level of growth and challenge.


Humans who want to lead with authenticity, aligning their actions with their core values and vision for the future.

Lead with Impact

The MICK Factor Executive Mastermind" offers a comprehensive solution to these challenges, providing you with the knowledge, tools, and community support to transcend traditional leadership boundaries. Through this mastermind, you will not only address and overcome these common pain points but also emerge as a more resilient, impactful, and authentic leader, ready to navigate the complexities of the modern business world and leave a lasting legacy.


Program Structure

The MICK Factor Executive Mastermind" is a meticulously designed, fully virtual journey over ten transformative weeks.

Each segment is crafted to address the core pillars of exceptional leadership: Mental Resilience, Impact, Character, and the drive to Keep Going. Here's how each week unfolds, delivering profound insights and actionable strategies that are accessible from anywhere in the world.

1pm EST
Week 1 & 2: Unleashing Mental Resiliency
Mick Hunt & Les Brown

Objective: Cultivate a mindset that thrives on challenges and rebounds stronger from setbacks.

Activities: Virtual workshops on resilience techniques, live webinars featuring stories of perseverance, and interactive peer sessions to share strategies and insights.

1pm EST
Week 3 & 4: Amplifying Impact
Mick Hunt & Les Brown

Objective: Enhance your ability to influence and inspire, creating tangible effects on your team, organization, and beyond.

Activities: In-depth sessions on effective communication and leadership presence, expert panels on creating visionary impact, and collaborative projects focusing on real-world application.


1pm EST
Week 5 & 6: Elevating Character
Mick Hunt & Les Brown

Objective: Align your leadership with your core values, ensuring authenticity and integrity in every decision.

Activities: Reflective exercises on value-driven leadership, discussions on ethical dilemmas and character-building, and peer feedback sessions to foster personal growth.


1pm EST
Week 7 & 8: Sustaining the Drive to Keep Going
Mick Hunt & Les Brown

Objective: Develop strategies to maintain motivation, overcome obstacles, and persist towards your long-term vision.

Activities: Resilience-building workshops, motivational talks from industry leaders, and goal-setting sessions to outline actionable steps for enduring success.

1pm EST
Week 9: Integrating and Preparing for the Future
Mick Hunt & Les Brown

Objective: Synthesize learnings from the mastermind, preparing to apply these insights to your leadership journey.

Activities: Preparation for the final presentation, including crafting your personal leadership narrative and action plan for the coming years.

1pm EST
Week 10: Graduation and Beyond
Mick Hunt & Les Brown

Objective: Celebrate your growth, share your vision for future leadership, and look forward to continued development.

Activities: Delivery of final presentations in a virtual summit format, graduation ceremony, and an introduction to the exclusive 2025 Leadership Summit for ongoing networking and growth.

Throughout the Mastermind: Engage in a dynamic online community for daily inspiration, support, and collaboration. Receive personalized coaching in virtual one-on-one sessions. Access a rich library of digital resources, including readings, case studies, and toolkits.

Special Feature: 2025 Leadership Summit

As part of this mastermind, gain VIP and complimentary access to an exclusive summit where leaders can connect, collaborate, and celebrate their achievements and future ambitions.

Embrace the convenience and breadth of virtual learning, connecting with global leaders from the comfort of your home or office. This mastermind isn't just about attending sessions; it's about engaging in a life-changing experience that transcends geographical boundaries, bringing together visionary leaders ready to shape the future.


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