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Unlock Your Success with Mick Hunt

Step into a world of opportunities where Mick Hunt helps you transform challenges into victories and potential into excellence. Whether you aim to elevate your leadership skills, join a focused mastermind group, boost your sales performance, receive personalized consulting, or experience an inspiring keynote, Mick offers tailored programs designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Executive Coaching

Leadership Reimagined

Elevate your leadership with Mick’s executive coaching, which provides a blend of strategic guidance, practical insights, and transformative psychology. Ideal for C-suite executives, managers, and entrepreneurs, these sessions help you enhance decision-making, improve team dynamics, and instill a culture of innovation and resilience within your organization.


Mick Factor Masterminds

Collaborative Excellence Across Disciplines

Participate in Mick Factor Masterminds, where you will collaborate with like-minded professionals to tackle industry-specific challenges and discover new opportunities for growth. These groups are facilitated by Mick and are designed to generate actionable solutions and foster a supportive network.

  • Leadership Mastermind: Dive deep into advanced strategies for conflict resolution, motivational leadership, and sustainable company growth.
  • Sales Mastermind: Target key improvement areas in sales techniques, customer relationships, and performance metrics for your sales team.
  • Student Mastermind: Equip yourself with critical life skills, effective study habits, and career planning tools that prepare you for success outside the classroom.
  • Athlete Mastermind: Focus on mental toughness, performance consistency, and personal branding to excel in sports and life.

Sales Coaching and Accountability

Achieving Peak Sales Performance

Transform your sales team with Mick's coaching programs that focus on goal-setting, accountability, and strategic execution. Through regular progress checks, motivational coaching, and customized training sessions, your team will learn to exceed their targets and significantly contribute to the bottom line.

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One-on-One Consulting

Tailored Personal Development Consulting

Mick’s one-on-one consulting sessions offer a private, intensely focused setting for personal growth. These sessions are perfect for individuals seeking profound life changes, needing to overcome specific obstacles, or wanting to achieve ambitious personal goals.

Keynote Speaking

Dynamic and Engaging Presentations

Mick Hunt's keynotes are meticulously crafted to resonate with each unique audience, whether corporate executives, educational institutions, or sports teams. Expect a fusion of compelling narratives, practical insights, and motivational thrusts that leave audiences inspired and ready to act. Each keynote is a call to action, stirring attendees to make impactful changes in their lives and communities.