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At Mick Unplugged, we believe in the transformative power of storytelling.

Every episode dives deep into the personal journeys of individuals who have overcome adversity, found their purpose, and now inspire others with their unique 'Because'.

We invite you to join this powerful movement by suggesting guests who embody resilience, passion, and purpose.

Do you know someone with a compelling life story? Perhaps a professional who has triumphed over challenges to make a significant impact in their industry, a community leader who has dedicated their life to serving others, or an artist whose work inspires and uplifts. Heck, this might even be you.

The stories we share fuel our collective 'why' and drive us to keep going. You become vital to our mission by submitting yourself for an episode or a guest suggestion.

Whether it's a groundbreaking entrepreneur, a dedicated teacher, a healthcare hero, or an innovative creator, your recommendation could bring their story to the forefront, inspiring thousands. Let's celebrate the power of ‘Because’ and the incredible journeys that define us.

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