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Why Mick Unplugged? Harness the Power of ‘Because’

At Mick Unplugged, we challenge the conventional notion of "Why" by diving deeper into the driving force of "Because." While "Why" may provide a superficial explanation, "Because" uncovers the profound motivations that shape our actions and decisions. It’s not just about understanding your purpose; it’s about embodying it every day.

Beyond the Surface: The Limitations of "Why"

Many businesses and individuals focus on their "Why," but often, it becomes a static mission statement, forgotten amidst daily routines. The "Why" is a starting point, but it’s the "Because" that fuels your journey with unwavering conviction. Your "Because" is the fire that ignites passion, drives resilience, and fosters an unyielding commitment to your goals.

Embracing Your "Because"

At Mick Unplugged, we guide you to discover your "Because"—the deep-seated reasons that compel you to wake up every day and strive for greatness. It’s about transforming that inner drive into tangible actions that create real impact. Your "Because" is what turns dreams into reality, challenges into opportunities, and goals into achievements.


A Top-Tier Podcast Transforming Lives

The Mick Unplugged Podcast isn’t just popular—it's a top 10 podcast recognized for transforming lives through the power of 'Because.' Each episode challenges and inspires its listeners to think deeper, act bolder, and redefine their boundaries of success and fulfillment.

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Introducing The Mick Factor: Mastering the Essentials of Success


Unveiling The Mick Factor

Conceived under the insightful mentorship of Les Brown and brought to life by Mick Hunt, The Mick Factor is a profound philosophy structured around four pivotal pillars: Mastery, Imagination, Character, and the will to Keep Going. This comprehensive framework not only defines the approach to success at Mick Unplugged but also embodies the core attributes that Mick instills in every aspect of his teachings and personal practices.

The Essence of Mastery

Mastery is about achieving an unparalleled depth of knowledge and skill in your chosen fields. It's about relentless improvement and the continuous pursuit of excellence.

The Power of Imagination

Imagination liberates us from the confines of conventional thinking and opens up a world of innovative possibilities. It encourages us to envision what could be and to chart a path to achieve it.

The Strength of Character

Character is the moral foundation upon which trust and integrity are built. It’s about being consistent in your values, reliable in your actions, and inspirational in your behavior.

The Determination to Keep Going

This is about resilience—the courage to face adversity and the persistence to continue striving despite challenges. It's what compels us to push forward, even when the path seems daunting.

Infusing Every Aspect of Life and Leadership

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Transformative experiences that enhance leadership skills and create profound personal and professional growth. Our executive coaching programs are tailored to develop visionary leaders who can inspire, innovate, and drive organizational success. We focus on building mental resilience, strategic thinking, and emotional intelligence, ensuring that you lead with confidence and integrity in every situation.

Business Strategy

Business Strategy

Crafting sustainable business strategies that align with core values and drive long-term success. Our approach ensures that your business objectives are met with innovative, actionable plans. We delve into market trends, competitive analysis, and organizational strengths to create strategies that not only achieve immediate goals but also position your business for future growth and adaptability in a dynamic marketplace.

Personal Development

Personal Development

Engage deeply with your inner drives and potentials to create a lifelong journey of growth and mastery. Our personal development programs are designed to help you unlock your full potential, enhance self-awareness, and build the skills necessary for continuous improvement. We provide tools and insights to help you set and achieve ambitious personal and professional goals, fostering a mindset of lifelong learning and development.

Keynote Speaking

Delivering More Than Inspiration—A Transformative Experience

A Masterclass in Engagement and Impact

When Mick Hunt speaks, it’s more than words—it’s an immersive experience that captivates, educates, and profoundly transforms audiences. Each keynote is carefully designed to not only inspire but also to provide actionable insights that attendees can immediately implement in their personal and professional lives.



Tailored Experiences for Lasting Impact

Recognizing the unique makeup of each audience, Mick customizes his keynotes to resonate deeply on an individual level, ensuring that every listener can connect with the message and feel empowered to take action.

Join the Revolution of 'Because'

"Embrace the power of your 'Because' with Mick Hunt at Mick Unplugged. This isn’t just about finding your path—it’s about forging it with every step you take, guided by The Mick Factor. Are you ready to transform your life from ordinary to extraordinary?"


Step Forward. Embrace Your 'Because.'

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